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Solar Power:

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight in to electricity. Solar power is an environmental, eco-friendly way of providing electricity for homes. Solar power comes from the sun which goes into solar panels producing your electricity. It is a renewable energy source. Solar cells offer more advantages over other renewable sources.

Positive :

1. Solar cells are non polluting and silent and have a long lifetime.
2. They are mostly use in areas where there is less pollution.
3. These are long lasting sources of energy which can be used anywhere.
4. Where there is no mains electricity it provides cost effective solutions to energy issues.
5. Solar cells don't need large scale instalation, more cells can be added as the community grows so it is in line with demand.
6. To a fast growing community rooftop power is a good way to supply.

Negative :

1. A large number of panels may be necessary to produce sufficient amounts of heat or electricity.
2. The initial cost is quite high.
3. Most types of solar cells require large areas of land to achieve average efficiency.
4. Air pollution and weather can also have a large effect on the efficiency of the cells.
5. Solar power is consistency and reliability.
6. If there is no sun, then there is no power.



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The use of solar power in the home is becomming more attractive for a growing number of people. Many people use solar power by using the sun's energy to heat their homes and to run different appliances. It is an economical,easy and earth-friendly way to bring power into the home. People are also use it to generate hot water and not only for less utility bills but also add value to their home when they come to cell it. The increasing use of renewable energy has opened new doors for jobs as well. Lets hope we are able to make the future greener. More and more people are starting to understand its worth and are trying to exploit this technology as muh as they can. Solar system require only one time investment and after that they provide you with almost free electricity.