"Nuke IT"

Description of power source

Fifty percent of our electricity in Ontario is thermonuclear, this is a very large percentage compared to the negative effects of nuclear energy as well as the numerous other types of energy.


Nuclear Fission releases an enormous amount of energy, for a little input. Nuclear power generators emits very little carbon dioxide which is good for the environnement, it emits very few green house gases which, therefore Nuclear power contribution to Global Warming is very little. Also the techonology is already there, it does not have to be developped first. Lastly, very few plants have to be made because one single plant can produce enormous amounts of energy.


Nuclear power uses Uranium as a reasource. Uranium is a very scarce reasource, therefore this is not a renewable reasource. Uranium is expected to last for the next 30-60 years. What will be used to produce Nuclear Energy after this reasource is finished. Another big factor that implaments into a negative of nuclear energy is the radioactive waste. We have still not found a solution for this. Nuclear waste is extremely dangerous.

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