Wind Energy
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy:

The wind is caused by the heating of the earth, it is not evenly heated. The air above land heats up rapidly during the day. During the night it is different the air does the opposite of what it does during the day, it cools down at night. The energy is obtained by the use of wind turbines, the wind turbines are what convert the wind into useful energy.

  • Wind energy is very eco-friendly
  • Wind turbines do not take up as much space as power stations
  • Wind energy is an inexhaustable resource and wind does not have any othher uses to us so it is a positive thing that people are able to use something that has no negatine effect on the environment
  • The usage of wind energy can make and save Cananda high amounts on money somewhat like in 2006 when the corporation of wind energy added $1.6 billion towards the Canadian GDP

  • Wind is not a reliable resource because some days there might not be a breeze
  • The wind turbines make a lot of noise
  • The wind turbines kill a few of the birds that fly by

The History Of Wind Energy

The human race has been utilising wind energy for at least 5,000 years. It began somewhat simple where people used the gusts of wind to transport their sailboats and ships for transport for long distances. In many countries poeple were looking for fast ways to get water as oppose to taking buckets and getting the water manually, they made a "water-pumping windmill" that used the wind to scoop water out of rivers and lakes. The more up-to-date wind power industry started in 1979 with the creation of wind turbines from the Danish Manufacturers Vestas, Nordtank, Bonus, and Kuriant. Many people across the globe have been relying on wind energy for ages, it is an extremely useful source of power.

How is Wind Energy Produced?

To start the wind energy is technically produced by the wind tirbines being blown by the wind and the turbines turn it into energy and send that newfound energy down the shaft that the turbines are connected to. For a more detailed description of how this can create electricity is the shaft would be connected to an electrical generator the generator turns the turning of the wind turbines into a form of electricity. Some generators are found at the top of the pole because they are not too big or heavy to have any negative effects on the efficency of the wind turbines. Recently the usage of the wind turbines has escalated to a commercial level, there now are many different places where electricity is fenerated by tthe wind turbines called "wind farms".

What Seperates Wind Energy form the others? How is it Better?

Unlike other forms of energy, wind energy does not need too much human help as to changing the wind into useful energy. This energy focuses solely on nature for it to work making it eco-friendly so nobody has to worry about the things seen in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". This form of energy can't be exhausted because it is something that occurs naturally and can never run out. The wind turbines are light and very easy to move if there is something wrong with the place that it is at. Windmills can even be on the water where the most wind can be found. In conclusion the idea of wind energy makes things easier for everybody, it is eco-friendly and a reliable source for coming years.

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