Get wet, use hydroelectricity

external image hydropower.jpg

Hydroelectricity is the best power source to use. Hydroelectricity uses water to generat electriciry. It is the oldest method of producing power, it was used over a century. It is used all over the world. About 7 percent of electricity are produced by hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity uses flowing water from lakes, sea, rivers, and oceans.


The positive thing about it is that is renewable, becaues it uses water from waterfalls, laks, sea, river, and ocean, to make the power. Than the water would go back and be used over again. It is also eco- friendly and enironmentally friendly. Hydroelectricity do not pollution the water or hurt animals. it does not cost alot of money to build a generate, than it is to build a nuclear or wind generate.


  • it needs alot of water to make electricity
  • some animal may get hurt or die because fishs and other can't go down the generate
  • In the winter rivers, sea, and ocean maybe come ice

How it works

The way it works is make it on top of a dam, that is called a forebay. Than the water goes into pipe called a penstock, than the water goes down to a turbine water wheel. The pressure increases as it goes down, the falling water drives a turbine, which than spins a generator. This is that makes electricity.external image hydro3.gif


How It Works Electricity Generation BY: Ontario Power Generation