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"hydroelectricity is electrcity that is made by movement of water".It's made by dams that blocks the river and collects the water and then when the water is "let go" and the huge pressure of the dam from
behind the dam forces the water into the shafts that lead into the turbine.the water causes the the turbine to spin and than electricity is formed.
hydroelectricity is a siurce of renewable energy source so it's ecofriendley.
it's good for the envoirment it doesnt't cost that much money so it will be easy to build and it will
work real fast the top of the dam is called the forebay the pipe that carries the water down to the
turbine is called the penstock and the turbine is called the water wheel.the negatives for
hyroelectric power is that u can't really put it around the island. But it doesn't really better because it's can pouer up a whole city so why not use hydroelectric.why would you want to use nuclear which is ruining the planet
when you can use a safe cheap and eco friendley way.