Wind energy is an eco-friendly way to generate electricity. It consists of wind turbines which are attached to a generator and they use the earth’s natural wind to spin the turbines blades and generate electricity. This type of energy is becoming more popular throughout the world and we all know it’s a really efficient source which also helps our planet. This video below will show you the basic’s of how wind energy is generated.

Pros & Cons

Pros (Advantages):
· This type energy is free in cost and with the technology we have now, it could be used as an efficient source.
· Since this type of energy only uses wind and a wind turbine it doesn’t produce cause green house gases or other pollutants.
· The turbines are tall yet they do not take up a lot of space therefore the land can still be used especially for agricultural purposes.
· Wind farm also interest people when it is a landscape.
· In places with no power line this would be a great way to got electricity
· This type of energy suits developed countries as well as third world countries.

Cons (Disadvantages):
· At time there will be a lot of wind and sometimes there won’t be any at all therefore there won’t be the same amount of energy all the time, sometimes there won’t be any at all.
· Some people also find these wind turbines disturbing and feel that it would be better off without it at all.
· the wind turbine also produce a great amount of noise; it can be considered to be the same amount of noise as a family size car travelling at 70 mph.
· When the wind turbines are being made some pollution is there so there is pollution caused by wind turbines.
· It actually takes several wind turbines to power big communities, for example 1 of the largest turbines can power 475 homes at full blast, just imagine a community of 100 000 people.

As we see there are a lot of pros and cons in the idea of wind turbines but we are only at the base of the mountain of advantages that shows the amount which show that wind turbines are the best energy source.

Wind Energy vs. Other Energy Sources
Compared to other types of energy I believe that wind power sits at the top in value. The reasons why I consider wind energy to be the best is because 1. It doesn’t pollute the earth and that’s a really good thing see the state of the earth rite now. 2. Compared to the setup cost and all of other sources this one is much better in cost and it takes much less time to setup as well. 3. a lot of energy types such as hydroelectricity takes up a lot space but on the other hand wind turbines take up only a little space. Hence the reason why I believe wind energy beats all!



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