Solar energy

Solar Energy is generated by protons radiated by the sun then, converted into a usable format for a electronic device.

external image Solar-Water-Heating-Diagram.gif

· Great source of energy for small appliances. Example: Calculators
· This Energy is useful in remote areas
· Solar energy is environmentally friendly
· Solar technology is constantly improving

· Most Expensive energy source today
· Solar cell efficiency is low
· Only good when the sun is shining
· Pollution. Most of solar panels are made from silicon, that includes toxic metals

Solar Energy was invented in 1839 by French scientist Edmond Becquerel he soaked two metal plates in electricity -conducting solution. He then put one of the plates in sunlight. Edmond found a small difference between plates. It turns out that he had invented the first solar cell. Scientist today now makes solar cells using silicon.

How efficient is Solar Energy to other forms of energy?

Solar Energy is not that efficient compared to others sources of energy because it relies on the sun, without the sun it does not run. But in the long run it will be more efficient because they are constantly updating solar energy.

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