Pros about Solar Power Panels

  • Solar Power Panels give off no pollution
  • They can be used in many diffrent ways, while helping the environment.
  • They use sun's energy to function
  • They are very affordable
  • Solar panels allows us to become less dependent on fossil fuel supplies

Cons about Solar Power Panels
  • Solar energy is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours T
  • The weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells.
  • Although the cost of the actual Solar Panels are not very high, the installation price can be above $1000, and some households may need more than one.

Descripstion of Solar Energy
Solar energy was invented by a French Scientist in 1839. Solar cells are now made using silicon. The French Scientist came up with this invention by soaking two plates in an electricity conducting liquid and when he exposed one of the plates to sunlight, he could detect a small amount potencial difference between the two plates. Solar energy has many uses, it is used for small things and large things calculator's (small) and some automobile's(large).

Why did i choose Solar Energy?

I chose Solar Energy because it is a form of pwer generation used everyday. I also chose Solar Energy because i have used solar powered utencils before, so it is easier for me to relate to rather than something i have never expeirenced. I thought solar energy would be the most interesting form of power genertions because i didn't really know how some solar powered utencils were generated and wanted to find more out about them and how they function.

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