The hydroelectric genarating station works by steps and it moves for along time. first the water intake goes down the dam,through the penstock, all the way down to the turbine and the turbine spins around and round by taking the waters energy. the turbine passes that energy to the generator, then the generator passes energy through poles into the transformer. after that the transformer sends power and energy through electricity wires into a transmission tower and finally that transmission tower sends energy and power to homes, buildings, stores and other places.

Hydroelectric Generating Station
Hydroelectric Generating Station

Positives of hydroelectricity

There are many awsome things hydroelectric stations can do and provide us with many great things. The hydroelectric stations are over 100 years old and are still generating electricity for us today. Hydroelectricity is one of the most economical and enviornmentally friendly ways of generating electricity. Hydroelectricity saves you alot of money so you dont need to worry about paying alot of money for electricity. hydroelctricity is one of the cleanest sources of energy.The dams are really strong. And built about 100 years ago too. They are still being used today. Because of the amount of dams they have they could power the world two times over!

Negatives of hydroelectricity

Their are a couple negative things about hydroelectricity.There are only a few rivers left in the province where new hydroelectric generating stations can be built. Hydro power dams ditrupt the natural flow of rivers. Thier are also huge obstacles to fish migration.("Building a dam on a river has major implications for the biota found in the river system. Because fish and other biota cannot move past a dam, the dam effectively splits the river into separate ecological zones: the river above the dam and the river below the dam"). Another disadvantage of hydro power is that if a dam breaks it would be a disaster and many humans would die.

Comaparing Hydroelectric Power Generation To others

One comparision is hydro power to nuclear power thier are some similarities and some diffrences. In 2008 in the US energy department nuclear power accounted about 11% of energy generating in the US. And hydro power accounted about 6% of energy generating in the US. Although they both can cause bad things to the enviorment if they are used wrong. They both are clean and not to expensive. And they both produce electricity by the spinning of turbines.

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Hydroelectricity In Niagra
Hydroelectricity In Niagra


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