Feel The Weatness .. Hydro Power.
An Example of a Hyrdo Dam.
An Example of a Hyrdo Dam.

About Hydro Electricity :

Hydro electricity has been around for over a century helping us with our electricity power and providing us with energy that won't pollute the atmoshpere and is a renewable source of energy. Also the the electricity is still generating for us today.

How Hydro Power Works :

Water the top of the damn that part is called a FOREBAY the next step to this cycle of the hydro plant is the water that flows into a pipe which is called a PENSTOCK which carries it down to the WATER WHEEL and when the water hits the water wheel which generated theturbins and then finally this causes the hydro dam power plant to create energy and send electricity wherever the power is needed in the city. But the cycle keeps repeating, external image hydropower-plant-parts.gif

The Benifets:

The good things about hydro electricity source is that th energy is renewable other energy sources like nuclear energy that poullute the eco system and the world and this energy needs energy that has to be stored away but hydro energy cuases less pollution. For solar energy the sun is not always out for energy and during the winter seasons the sun isnt always put and water is out all year round and forver on. Also for wind energy the winds aren't always that stable sothe wind turbine can break and the sound of the wind turbines is pretty loud and can disturb the peacfulness of peoples houses.