Solar Power

Dear Mayor of Rochelle-opils,
I would like to you present you an electrical generation renewable power source. SOLAR POWER! I have chosen this soucre of power to use on this island because of the positive effect it can do to here.

Description of Power Sourceexternal image solar-power-diagram.jpg

First, I will start by explaining what solar power really is. Solar power is the change of sunlight into electricity. Solar panels uss lenese or mirrors to attract large areas of sunlight into beams. This system works exactly like photosynthesis which is what animals use to produce food for them selves. Solar power is a very effcient way of collecting energy!

Benefits of Solar Power

Mayor, this is the best electrical generation to use because it does not pollute the air after installed which makes it ecofriendly. This source is renewable therefore you can't run out of this material. Solar power is inexpensive! The installation of solar panels can be on the roofs house, so that elminates the question of, "where to put them?" Other productss of energy can be very nosiy and loud but solar energy is rather quiet.

Negative Aspects of Solar Energy

As usual there are the negatives of having so solar power but it is nothing that we can't handle! To start off mst house will nedd more than one panel. Sadly, these product can be only used in the day time to catch the sunlight. The weather can effect the solar cells which might make it disfunction. The polution in the air can also distrub the cells. Solar cells are very expensive but once they are installed the source is free. These cells can cost more than $1000.00 and with more 1 panel on each house it can be pretty expensive!external image solar_power2.jpg

Comparsion to Other Form the Power Generation

There are many other soucres of power but I garuntee that we are the best! Let take hydro-eletricity for example. Having these dams would make the island non-ecofriendly, your killing wildlife that lives in the sea, and the big question is how would you build a dam around a island? that is nearly impossible! Next we have nuclear which in my opinion is the worst power source I could ever think of. To start off Nulcear power is not safe for the enviroment becasue of the the waste. We would have to find some where safe to put the dangerous high leveled radioactive wsate. High cost of buliding nulcear departments. The list goes on but the point is all of other energy generators have the too many disadvantages and we want the citizens of Rochelle- opilis to be happy.

These videos help to explain solar energy. Hopefully these insightfull pieces of media will help you make your descision