Wanna Get Wet? Use Hydroelectricity !

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Hydroelectricity is the best way to generate power.It produces about 24% of the power you get daily and can supply over 1 billion people's homes. This is an equivelance to 3.6 billion barrels of oil.There's over 2000 hydroelectricity plants being used in the United States alone which then makes hydroelectricity the country's largest renewable power source.The water inside the plant rotates a propller- like piece called a turbine. Which then rotates a shaft and creates power
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  • it doesn't cost much money to generate.
  • no pollution is put into the air so its safe for future generations
  • Creates a fair amount of energy througout the world.
  • Water is renewable
  • Cleanest way of producing energy
  • Prevents floods


  • When fish get caught in the turbines they get chopped up and die,
  • smaller models depend on fast flowing streams,rivers,oceans or lakes.
  • Land around the dam gets destroyed


Hydroelectricity is a better power source compared to nuclear plants because nuclear plants are very harmful to the environment aswell as other life forms, such as humans plants and animals.
For example chernobyl was a nuclear plant located in Soviet Union, this location is now impossiblefor any type of life form to live there. Nuclear plants also create a lot of pollution which isn't safe
for future generations.




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