Get Wet & Shock by Hydroelectric Power

How It Works:
The Hydroelectric Power works, frist the water go through the water intake and then through penstock. After it go through the turbine it spin from there it to the generator takes the energy. Form there is go to the transformer and from there it transfer to the transmission tower, from to houses and etc. When the water go through the turbine it is called water discharge (tailrace).
The Positive Things:
The good things about the Hydroelectric Power is it can stay still over 100 years or more. It doesn't create any pollution for the people unlike other power generator like Nuclear Power and Fossil-Fuelled Power. It doesn't have any harmful emissions and it is the most economical and environmentally.
The Negative Things:
The negative things that could happen to the Hydroelectric generator power are: If the dam isn't build proper it explode the dam and the villages that is cloes to it, it can kill the people or destroy the village. It can also sometimes san harm the fishes. Also it cost lot of money on construct dam and turbine.
Extra Information:
Ontario Hydroelectric Power are over more than 100 years ald, still give us electric and the generator still works. In Ontario there are about 65 Hydroelectric generating stations. In over all Canada has about 60% of electricity coming from Hydroelectric Power station. Falling water, the Hydroelectric power station convert it to kinetic energy into electricity. It is butter other power generator station because if you Solar Paner you won't have electricity at night or a clouded day and Nuclear is bad even Coal-Fired and Natural Gas.

Sir Adam Beck Generating Station near Niagara Falls
Sir Adam Beck Generating Station near Niagara Falls

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By: Mohammad Salman