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Positive effect of nuclear power.

The positive effects of nuclear power plant


Discription of how the electricity is generated .

  1. (Diagram at the top the first picture)

  2. To generate electricity or heat nuclear power is used by nuclear fission. The nuclear power plant provide up to 6% to of the whole world energy and 13 to 14 % of the world electricity. About 50% of nuclear generated electricity is from Japan,U.S,A and France when combined together. electricity is also generated by the heat being used to boil water so that it is able to create steam so it can generate producing energy

  3. Benefits
  4. some of the benefits of nuclear power is that the nuclear power station is able to produce a big amount of electricity from a small amount of fuel. A nuclear pellet can produce same number of energy as a 807 kilogram of coal.

  5. negative : Some of the negatives
  6. of nuclear power is that there is too much nuclear waste that is being polluted.

advantages of nuclear power

Some of the advantages of nuclear power is that fuel is not very expensive,there is no acid rain effects, waste is really compact compared to all other sources for example hydrogen.

disadvantages of nuclear power

some of the disadvantages of nuclear power is that there is a big amount of cost for all emergencys,radio active waste and also the storage system.

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